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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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board member to not support in arrangement that seems two funky for me, i apologize in advance and thank you for coming and bringing our group to talk to us. >> dr. murase. >> yes. i will be supporting this charter of renewal milestone my appropriate is the existing schools and those are sfusd scott taylor's students had a fantastic visit with the school last week it's clear that having moved to the davis campus the school as transformed from the commuter school from kids coming from all over to the dentist location to a a school that is putting a lot of effort into coming o connecting with martin luther king jr. and the students that took me on the
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tour talked about the campus creating a community and spaces for the students to interact there are a lot of diversity in the classroom equality in action and my visit made me rethink the online education it is very much online education as well as a classroom i'm not in support of one hundred percent of the education but clearly product based learning and goals for our vision 2025 there was virtuosa college going culture to be honest having small high schools is a challenge financially and i think flex academy offers one option in terms of a smaller
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environment and what expressed me at flex academy the standards have an individualized learning plan and how every student needs to have an i dp they've finally just moved their location was in the sustainable from a finland prospective pouring money into rents from the downtown location now like a weak prant we need to give the school an opportunity to grow they lost a lot of families in that move we've heard from many of the families last year why they weren't going to move with the school they didn't like the neighborhood but they've made a commitment to the neighborhood so i really was very impressed with the school and the school community and think we need to give them time
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to be able to get that and finally they've recruited 10 new students and that demonstrated they're trying to grow in the neighborhood so i'll be supporting this charter. >> thank you commissioner maufas. >> thank you president fewer so i had an opportunity to go bike flex academy i don't think if i've mentioned it to the school leadership i was scored - escorted i had a t-shirt on i really wanted to see it in it's natural state and call ahead and
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say i'm on my way have someone there to escort me they asked for someone to come to the office i got there it was courtney i appreciate you thank you very much and all the staff that shared their classroom but i want to speak about the time i wasn't escorted i got to look at the students in their natural way of being i was theoretical impressed i saw students with different cultural backgrounds talking and collaborating together all of them had laptops and i mean like i didn't see the work but i know it is serious what i saw they were committed to geting it done and little clusters and i think some of them were two and 4 at
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one space working together and talking about this work and i went into the library and forgot what they called it was a former davis library what-do-you-call-it. >> the i s t lab. >> just the online courses but right but leave committed effort in the room getting the work done this was really i didn't think i was oh, i really went through ready to prove my distrust something really good happened and so i want to commend you all students included for fulfilling the promise that you've made to the families that have condominium to staying with you
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the next big thing for me and it is just instant is the gloria r davis site it is for our school district is been just a struggle over for years and the charter schools have lost over time the community members so i asked about that and that you had new students and gone out and canvassed the neighborhood i've not heard feedback saying i saw ii actually heard the feedback from the community i asked you what you did and you went into the community that surrounded gloria r davis and let the community know you're a viable high school option and clearly some have responded how long have you been there. >> we started there in july.
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>> just since july i actually have a say you can grow our community with the residents that are local to the school site i appreciate you're connecting with mlk dr. murase mentioned it i heard that courtney went down there second time and worked auto a bond with the high school and the community that's interesting and i looked forward to seeing that fully flourish into a partnering where kids see you at the top of the hill and done san bruno i look forward to that i work with the organizations is offer one hundred percent college prep and college track that you are are
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connecting with the educational leaders i am happy to hear i feel their truly partners with you that really helps reassure me that you have an opportunity to really get a foot holds open the campus i can't stress that enough it is defended not seen from the street and without the signs saying there's a school people know know to slow down it makes a huge difference our constantly making user known as a presence in the community in the short mulch of times unifying i've been there i sat in on the budget committee i was interested in hearing with the budgetary comments were going to
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be firsthand i stridden about the k 12 it was hard to wrap my mind around and i got it's as that investment by your need was so unusual in the location what's the cross street on front. >> at our old location was post and there will. >> post and there will i can't imagine someone started over there but the fact you're at this campus that's a struggle for sites and from our first few months and doing well, that when i saw students walking around and had some outside times which was free movement time i want to make sure i'm saying it right. >> the movement break and
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everyone notes a movement break right now (laughter) i just love to i think from what i've seen and witnessed for myself i'm a strong believer in seeing that for myself i see someone else's interpretation but i want to see it for myself that's why i went without an adult so i could see for myself the natural environment and habitat i like that they all looked at comfortable working harder and i asked about the challenges about what happens when you what i would love it was the practices and have that spelled out and like that i saw the tenants in the school and actually saw shout outs from
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students to other students that made complete sense it was not fabricated it made a big difference for me through i believe you adults were there 25 minutes or longer than observeing and learning i'm going to go supporter as you've heard from the previous petitioner i also at the end not to think poster of something new i think you're doing a great job my daughter struggled electro this school system i'm really kind of giving it a second chance with any granddaughter that's 3 years old now i'm watching closely but i think you've proven user and served the students and served them
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well but to the folks that came to speak from king i said earlier in class i didn't see alex but it's exciting i appreciate our energy i meandered through my comments i'll be supporting you will all from the surrounding area because i believe there is a restrictness of academic excellence among the residence i don't live in the bayview by live down the street not longs ago there for 10 years i believe in the bayview and the valley and know you're going to serve them well. >> commissioner wynns. >> thank you
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okay. i'm not going to support f this i have to say i was kind of stunned by the answers that the budget committee about k 12 essentially we have for profit companies saying we're kind of writing office of the city administrator off over a million dollars a year but since you gave us a facilities you were not legally going to to side i'll have just enough students to kwoflt for prop 8 prop 9 now more dollars not to forgive to pit in their poktsz to the tune of hundred thousand dollars this year and plus awhile i appreciate and i really am not being facetious i appreciate the high investment for the structural model the truth is
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what they're doing is counting on being able to make more money they set the amount of money whether the curriculum services and other services in order to present a balanced budget we'll say you don't owe us that and make up these credits things this is counter in active if you think this is a good way to spend public money to educate kids and say it's okay with us if the profit companies they can charge whatever they want with no public democratically oversight i find that disturbing as a matter of principle but in addition it is irresponsible of us to grant this charter or the renewal because we have actually had experiences in this district we have charter schools that are
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financially not able to sustain themselves and in the ends those things have cost us money in terms the students it come to our schools but we have had to you know in the ends whether or not the schools fails or not step in and spend the money on things that we have no obligations because we won't leave the students with no service i think from a fiduciary point of view that is what is being present a model certainly the students like and if people are successful in which is on the face fillmore unsustainableably and instead of it now being the responsibility of state board of education it would be our responsibility and
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we'll face if whether we'll provides this facility to the school with no obligation to provide one to so i think there are i have doubts i appreciate it is helpful to some people and i am interested if pursuing the useless physicalness of the learning models but i think in this case because we see the school there and their balance sheets and not a sustainable financial model and don't have the obligation to adapt it would be irresponsible. >> commissioner mendoza and i have the same feelings as commissioner wynns and commissioner norton being on the budget committee that portion of the discussion it concerning and i've never seen a model like it
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is an interesting kind of acceptance on the parts of the folks that subsidize the school and it does bring some really great concerns as the model the school is fine i think that you offer offering to the young people that clearly they appreciate and this is kind of the backside of the office that they are not concerned and they shouldn't be concerned but that's the part that makes me very uneasy and uncomfortable to commissioner wynns point at the end of the day as the charter it is our responsibility and i did not get a clear enough response or satisfactory response from our budget director this is how
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we handle it or this will be the back up plan or if k 12 went away we'd be okay. because we got xyz in place we're dependent so i can't consciously support this. >> any comments. >> i have a question so i went to visit the school and actually our next to the body president shows quit impressive and i think that overall the school was impressive i thought i'd spend maybe an hour there i took about two hours i decided it was so interesting i so, so. students i felt like couldn't be
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successful in some of our larger comprehensive high schools i felt like and everybody knows that roll types of a sensitive topic to me we lost a lot of students we can't service in our regular traditional facilities i love what you're doing i love it is up at davis it was empty i went up to see matt when he was up under and didn't have the same feeling i feel like you've made it a community and the students you serve it is i thought was fabulous i really liked the whole school the teachers and speaking to you, mr. henderson and i like the counselor everything about it i wanted to commend you guys i like you're in our facility and
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actually, i think being up there in gloria davis i get lost every time i go up there it's a little bit difficult but adams to the inclusiveness and makes it cozy, in fact, i think we should be looking at some of the classrooms used by instead not to interrupt your whole school so this is the things i don't like i don't like our finances so, please tell me like i don't i also think there are two parts; right? we have to prove it finallyly and by the curriculum i think it fabulous but your finances are troubling i think you've heard that cross the cardboard here the finances are part is a big issue we know it's expensive and i know when
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it came to us with march and he said oh, you know this is online school and never been done before i felt like, man i'm not going to be experimenting with our captioner or children but i'm glad it's not that model and evolved to this model there where there's 0 not just o'ly envisioned kids at a computer and being isolated it's really very come municipal and nice county so mr. henderson it's about the finances here i know that you were in a hotels for a while or if that's not true. >> in the first semester in the
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first flex they were in the basement of a hotel and while in the lease of 55 post it was being negotiated at the beginning of the second semester it moved into the fall out we are that into until this year 5 post street. >> there was a huge rental costs. >> in 5 post there was a huge rental cost and an escalating cost. >> when our parents came before us your parents made comments like so i'm going to say like i think kind of the comments but after i do like our community now i said how people choose not to follow you to davis but this community i like but the finances are the thing
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if we are responsible for presenting a balanced budget every year finances i'd like have to say dedicate probably 70 percent if we don't have the money we don't do it so i hope, huh? >> about the financed so you want to continue did i not let you answer. >> oh, the big cost was at hotel what are the plans i'm concerned i wasn't at the budget meeting no budget to the financial stable or independent. >> no there are plans it has to do with the as commissioner wynns pointed out we're in a proposition 39 facility our rent cost is greatly reduced now what the memo that mike sent over i
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was looking today also points out that i imagine everyone has the same maybe not in front of you - >> so we're saying okay we're saving all this money because were in a proposition 239 facility and mike points out here for example, in the 2025, 2016 our budget we're projecting now just to cut to the chase we're essentially $700,000 in the red so that's true and this is how you, explain if a concrete way the balanced hundred thousands of that essentially a the services we're getting from the services k through 12 that's the service fee which is the top ends of what k-12 is cello for computers
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and things that are included we can say that san francisco the small charter school offers more classes because we have over one hundred and thirty courses and we pay for those the k-12 is part hundred thousand dollars so we have the gold package that's $500,000 that's the balanced budget a that's what k 12 is saying essentially like a grant like the computers we're going to give them or that to them that at least leafs $300,000 we missed our enrollment targeted significantly on that budget we created for the 2015- 2016 we anticipated one hundred and 25 students so similar about just
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under a hundred and 20 maybe 19 we thought we could hold students and grow a little bit that was unrealistic we're at 92 students right now we're essentially 0 thirty students below our target when you multiply that by how much per student it come out to $250,000 so you see what i'm saying hundred thousand dollars is the k 12 saying the gold badgering panning you can have that we missed our target by 2 add and 50 students we have a real problem of being under enrolled from what we projected and we're essentially to the tune of 2 add
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and 50 thousand students we have to deal with that does many help answer the question and yes unfortunately, it does commissioner norton. >> yes. i want to point out again not to be mean but let's you know so the facts are right you need 80 students idol suddenly in san francisco our service area in order to quality for the district availability so they have 92 students enrolled but only 80 are san franciscans and they need more in addition to allocate 8; right? to meet their target is that what you're saying and that's correct right now, we're seeing that 80 percent of our students and this going to what you're saying 80 percent of our new students are
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in the district. >> davis or either davis i realized i don't know why we have the same last name but for the proposers of the preoccupy 39 we need to respond by february 1st so what do we determine so this is goes to happen momentarily like next year important preoccupy 39 what number will we use to see if their entitled to an offer. >> yeah. they make their request by november 3rd for the class for next year we have until december 1st to respond and is yes, we agree with the
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project or no and here's why we look at the ada in district historically and look at it where they are now and make our own project where we on they'll be as far as of the ada if we don't think they'll have 80 units next year we'll say you don't have a valid prop 359 what i have not to point out you're asking by saying that your financial issues are going to be resolved by remaining at gloria russ johnson da's office you're asking the commission to - that's what the board members have to decide. >> and i'll say that already our enforcement is we can already show in our projects on
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the proposition 39 request we're project over 88 over 88 that's due to the recruiting we're doing right away for next year including being at the enrollments fair for the folks we found there and as well as the other work we're doing with our open houses and other things so we're - >> san francisco residents. >> yes. yes. because 80 percent now all contract are san francisco residence this is a big change for the school. >> any other comments commissioner wynns. >> i do want to point out one thing that's when this charter was did understand the first thing the petitioners came


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